Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki

MSc in Computer Science


Recruitment for the zero semester is currently underway at our University.

Registration in the WRK https://wrk.wwsi.edu.pl/

Classes begin on March 2024.

Semester 1.0 is a presemester for undergraduate and graduate courses in INFORMS. To participate in the classes of semester 1.0, we invite those who:

  • have not yet decided to start studies after passing the matriculation exam
  • have not yet decided to start studies after obtaining an engineering or bachelor’s degree
  • are planning to change the direction of education and university, wrongly chosen in October 2023
  • have chosen programming courses instead of studies and find that they do not meet their expectations and ambitions for their future careers
  • have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or are in the process of studying majors other than computer science and are planning to change their education profile

More information here